A good friend showed me the way of TED and now I want to share it with you. There is so much to explore and enjoy and see and hear. We can take the journey together.


    Ted 2011..I wish I could edit like this. Maybe someday.


    TED 2011: Hope for the Future

    Inspirational talk from Wadah Khanfar of Al Jazeera. Our chance has come from the voices of the youth.


    TED 2011: youtube virtual choir

    Outside the box thinking embodied in talk 3… Eric Whitacres youtube created virtual choir..beautiful 


    TED 2011 has begun

    What a start.. you must not miss David Brooks talk.  Following a theoretical physicist and a women walking across the earth…TED is 0 to 70 instantly…should be a great day.


    This talk is one of the reasons that TED is so very important..bringing this kind of information to the forefront can only be a positive force. Presentations like this inspire our young people to strive towards science as a way to nourish their creative souls as well as their analytical brains. That combination is exactly what’s needed to get more solutions to the problems affecting our planet..I hope you enjoy it..


    William Li gives a great talk on what could hopefully be the future to cure a wide variety of diseases….This one really was filled with lots of great information and is very well presented..A truly great TED Talk..Hope you enjoy it as I did.


    The News out of the Middle East is a bit frightening so I thought a nice TED on how countries can pursue power in a way that enhances our world and does not harm people.


    An amazing performance


    Do You Know TED..If not then you should →


    A place to talk about TED

    I love TED..there I said it and I meant it. TED always has something positive to say. TED always has something interesting to share with me. TED teaches me things I did not even know I wanted to learn. Most importantly TED brings us together. So if you like TED and since your here chances are you do…Then lets talk TED..After all thats what we are all about.